Tax Analysis and Revenue Forecasting


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Tax analysis and revenue forecasting have become increasingly important functions as governments undertake reforms of their tax systems to enhance revenues, improve the equity and efficiency of taxes, and promote economic growth. The four-week Tax Analysis and Revenue Forecasting workshop covers the economic foundations of tax policy, revenue forecasting and statistical techniques to give participants the capacity to implement successful tax reforms. The course covers a wide variety of taxes such as value-added tax, personal and corporate income tax, excises, property tax, trade taxes and taxes on natural resources. The application of macroeconomic models, micro-simulation models and typical taxpayer models are also covered.


Program Dates: July 2 – July 28, 2023

Location: In-Person

Website: Click Here

This training is for individuals working in tax policy, tax administration, economics, public finance, accounting, management, and other related fields. These include public and private sector executives, officials of revenue authorities and ministries of finance, professionals in multilateral and regional banks, and consultants providing assistance to decision makers involved in on tax related matters in the public and private sectors.

The Tax Analysis and Revenue Forecasting program has been designed to:

  • Equip participants with the theoretical foundations for analyzing tax policies and hands-on techniques for evaluating their revenue potential and performance
  • Enable participants to assess and quantify impacts of alternative fiscal policies on a variety of economic entities and stakeholders
  • Instruct participants in the use of micro-simulation and macroeconomic models for effective tax analysis and revenue forecasting
  • Build an international network of professionals to enhance understanding and experience sharing